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Studio updates.

Knowledge is power - KEEP LEARNING!

Knowledge is Power, and it is empowering. Knowing how to do something is freedom. At the most basic level, learning how to do something is empowering. Don’t believe me, then go teach someone something today and watch their eyes light up, watch their confidence immediately build! Ever created some from scratch? If you haven’t you should drop that on your bucket list because it’s a damn good feeling when you’re done!

As a child takes their first steps, they are the first steps to the rest of their life, but someone needs to show them how to walk. As someone starts their career someone needs to show them how to do what they do. Imagine being mentored by the best of the best. Imagine if William Shakespeare taught you to write; if Elvis Presley personally taught you how to entertain, or if Albert Einstein mentored you in physics. Do what you love and love what you do!

At Pluralsight we are looking for the best mentors for our customers. We are looking for the best of the best to share their ideas, mentor others, and provide insight in their approach to their profession. Our Authors are providing insight into their creation process. Our Authors are enabling our subscribers to learn how they go about using tools, creating in an ever changing world, and introducing all who are interested in being better than yesterday.

Learning how to use a software platform is a necessary skill in a design role, but even further than that is learning one's approach to design.  At Pluralsight we want to train you in both.  Successful design ideas are fostered through thoughts and ideas before they are created. Often times, design is inspired and inspiring our users to design is what we will do.

Pluralsight is busy creating these courses, and we are getting busier by the day. I can’t even to begin to express the energy levels within Pluralsight on paper. The energy from the Creative, Design and Engineering team is indescribable. The content we are getting ready to release is targeted to teach fundamental, intermediate, and advanced skills. What's even better is that we are also creating content to inspire and teach new concepts to the approach of design. A designer can be successful, but a room full of designers is what creates progress at a pace unmatchable by a single engineer.

I will use my own team as an example. I came to Pluralsight to start a Design and Engineering portion of the company, and build on what the Creative team has already so successfully built. I have some damn good ideas, but my team’s ideas are WAY better. It amazes me to come into work every day and hear what others are working on and how they work together to get it done! As I have hired some, reassigned others, and get out of the way of many, progress is happening at an amazing pace. This is what Pluralsight is doing at a larger scale between our Authors and Subscribers. We enable our own teams at Pluralsight, and in turn, our teams are empowering millions.

We research what designers, engineers, architects, artists, makers, and creatives need; we then make it purposeful to what you do and make it accessible to everyone. We democratize professional technical learning, and we love the impact it has. I look forward to impacting millions more. Do yourself a favor and subscribe, share your knowledge as an Author, and contribute to the progress of society. No matter where you are in the world we look forward to watching your "eyes light up"!  We're not taking baby steps either - Cheers to progress!

Thank you to my team for being so AMAZING!

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